About Mumbai

No Footprints' experiences are a mix of quaint and chaos just like the city of Mumbai. Looking for something beyond the ordinary to explore in this mad city? You've come to the right place! We offer you numerous experiences that we've categorised for you as tours, workshops and events and other experiences.

   Popular Packages   

Utsav - A Cultural Extravaganza!

Utsav is a forty five minutes long cultural extravaganza that showcases the vibrant and colourful festivals of Mumbai and India.  Set to themed costumes and music, Utsav features a live dance performance by a troupe of 25 experienced and talented entertainers.       

Mumbai By Dawn

Mumbai by Dawn is a tour that pays homage to the people of Mumbai and venerates all those who go about their business obstinately with one purpose – a better life. Seeing this lively city wake up, gives you deep cultural insights into the real Mumbai that goes beyond the glossy glass facades and urban boardrooms. You experience the underbelly of this magnificent city, and understand what makes it tick.

The Mumbai Dream

We have a fascinating Bollywood inspired tour just for you! Enjoy learning some Bollywood dancing, watching a live film/TV shoot, visiting a music studio and much more! We promise you that you'll go back humming a few Bollywood songs like a true fan.

   Recent Packages   

Free Guided Tour

Explore the best highlights of the city and learn about the heritage through some amazing stories from the best guides in the city. The best part? It's for free!

Warli Art Workshop

Get creative and let's do our bit to support one of India's unique and endangered tribal forms of art. Warli art dates back to 3000 BC and uses a very basic vocabulary – a circle, triangle and a square to depict human life, and indigenous customs and traditions. Under the watchful eyes of an expert we will create our own tribal artwork. 

Bollywood Buzz

Set to vibrant costumes, entertaining dances and feet-tapping music, Bollywood Buzz is a forty fives minutes long Bollywood musical that will give you front row tickets to a live Bollywood extravaganza!