Utsav - A Cultural Extravaganza!



Forty five minutes of festive fun. A lifetime of memories!


We truly believe that possibly the best way to look at any culture, is to experience it’s festivals. Utsav is a forty five minutes long cultural extravaganza that showcases the vibrant and colourful festivals of Mumbai and India.  Set to themed costumes and music, Utsav features a live dance performance by a troupe of 25 experienced and talented entertainers. 

Regardless of the time of the year, you can sit back and have a glimpse into all the festivals of Mumbai at a single venue. Our dancers turn the stage into the lively streets of Mumbai, rich with culture and entertainment. One can enjoy performances ranging from the dance of the fisher folk, to the impressive human pyramid of Dahi Handi; the celebration of Lord Ganesh’s birth in an Indian household, to the traditional dance of Lavani.

What’s more, you'd ask? You are invited to a traditional Mumbai and Maharashtrian wedding, which begins with the matching of horoscopes by the Hindu priest, and ends with the girl leaving her parents abode. Witness all the fanfare and exuberance that accompanies an Indian marriage.

The programme features live commentary in English, explaining the nuances, history and legends associated with each festival and tradition.


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We do this show on contract basis – in auditoriums, hotels and on cruise ships. So please contact us for more information. - More information and price on request

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