Malwan Food Home Cooking


Feel at home!


We have organised a cooking date for you with the lady of a contemporary Mumbai household. First you will be introduced to the spice box, ready to yield its fragrant secrets. While researchers bend over microscopes to ferret out the healing properties of cumin and turmeric; we merrily pop them into our woks, confident that they will heal wounds and cure coughs. Well, because grandma said so!

You will apron-up, and assist the boss lady of the house with the quintessential recipes from the region. With the help of a host of masalas, special recipes, and traditional techniques, this class will give you an insight into local cuisine.

This unique workshop provides one a great opportunity to immerse in Indian culture.  Interaction with the local family, will introduce you to the Indian lifestyle, the traditions of home life, and the importance of family in Indian culture. Needless to say, you will learn about the food too!

At an extra cost, we can organise a spice market for you just before your lunch. You can learn about the history of spices and understand their significance in erstwhile and present day Indian cooking.



Sr. No.

Number of People





INR 9600 plus taxes

AC SUV, workshop and meal fees and interactions



INR 4800 per person plus taxes

AC SUV, workshop and meal fees and interactions


3 - 10

INR 4100 per person plus taxes

AC SUV, workshop and meal fees and interactions

Add -ons:

We can arrange for a walk in the Spice market (shut on Monday) at an extra cost - Price on Request

We can arrange for an interaction with a Henna/Rangoli artist during your workshop  - Price on request

Things to Remember:

  • We teach how to prepare 4/5 dishes including a raita and chutney
  • This cost includes a workshop and dinner
  • We offer a non-alcoholic welcome drink and a bottle of water to the guests
  • Please notify us in advance if  you have any food allergies or dietary needs
  • This tour is based on availability of the home cooks 


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