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Mumbai is a land infectious in its existence – be it the energy, the vibrancy, or the constant bustle. The dynamic eclecticism of this city is for all to see. Year after year, millions come from across the country in search of a better future. Mumba Devi, the patron goddess, who overlooks the city from the heavens above, embraces all those who walk the extra mile to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. The people in turn leave a permanent imprint on the city’s culture. They give Mumbai its cultural definition – a city that’s hardworking, productive, jostling with undying vigour and constantly on the move. Little wonder then, that Mumbai is often called the industrial capital of India.

This mercurial character of the city, when observed in the morning is quite unique. Seeing this lively city wake up, gives you deep cultural insights into the real Mumbai that go beyond the glossy glass facades and urban boardrooms. You experience the underbelly of this magnificent city, and understand what makes Mumbai tick.

Mumbai by Dawn is a tour that pays homage to the people of Mumbai and venerates all those who go about their business obstinately with one purpose – a better life.

At the start of this tour you will find yourself at the clamorous and chaotic docks, where amidst understanding the life and times of the Koli fisher-folk (the original inhabitants of Mumbai), you will see the arrival and grading of 25 tonnes of fish. You will also witness a one of its kind fish auction of the famous Bombay Duck.

You will be right in the centre of all the action when thousands of illiterate vendors will sort out newspapers of 7 different language, that too in the middle of the road.

You will understand the logistics of the food distribution in the city as 100 tonnes of meat, fruits and vegetables enter the various markets. These markets are not only a great introduction to the people of Mumbai, but also a photographer’s dream come true.

Milkmen driving past with milk canisters; delivery of freshly baked bread and the melee of colour and fragrance at the flower market - all these bazaars add to the frenzy of Mumbai.

Another highlight is the ‘all herb mandi’ spread across a popular bridge. Possibly the only market of its kind in the world, this green market has thousand vendors sitting atop a bridge selling various leafy vegetables. What’s interesting is that when you walk the same lanes a few hours later, you wouldn’t find any evidence of the morning’s flurry.

We end this tour with a walk across a cricket ground and learn about the game that has captured the hearts of a billion.

All in all, we assure you, this cavalcade of life in the morning will show you the real spirit of Mumbai.

Needless to say, it comes at a price – Waking up at 5.15 for one.


Sr. No.

Number of People





INR 8750 plus taxes

AC SUV, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 4350 per person plus taxes

AC SUV, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 3700 per person plus taxes

AC SUV, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 3350 per person plus taxes

10 seater SML/Tempo, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 2760 per person plus taxes

22 seater Mini Coach, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 2280 per person plus taxes

25 seater Mini Coach, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 1920 per person plus taxes

35 seater Large Coach, Explorer's fees and interactions

Add ons:

We can organise a home cooked breakfast at a contemporary Indian household after the tour at an additional cost – The menu will be Maharashtrian and includes a fare of Poha, Missal Pav, Vada Pav, Shira among others at a cost of:

1 or 2 – INR 3600 plus taxes

3 -12 – INR 1200 per person plus taxes
We can also organise breakfast at a popular South Indian café, priced at INR 1000 per person plus taxes

Things to Remember:

  • If the number of guests exceeds 9, we employ 2 explorers
  • If the number of guests exceeds 20, we employ 3 explorers
  • The cars are based on capacity of the people
  • Hotel pick-up and Drop facility
  • Please note that we use our own transport services
  • GST of 18% is charged additionally
  • We work on full advance basis 


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