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Do criss-crossing narrow lanes, tiny shops spilling with colourful wares and people haggling for better deals remind you of anything? They could only mean one thing to us. The bazaars of India! You can find them everywhere. Even juxtaposed against high rises and glitzy malls, these bazaars fiercely hold their own. The bursting metropolis of Mumbai has many such gems hidden in its folds.

Care to try the fiery tears-in-the-eyes signature Indian spice mixes?  We begin this tour of Mumbai from the Lalbagh spice market. Guntur, Bedki, Reshampatti or Kashmiri – no these aren’t your travel destinations. These are the names of the various chilies one would find in the spice market. This market is also home to spice mixes so authentic that the pickiest grandma would also approve.  Here you can buy spices, and also get them dry roasted and grounded into a masala mix of your choice before your own eyes. It’s not uncommon to see ladies patiently waiting, with bagful of spices and a recipe that has been handed down to them since generations.

This offbeat tour of Mumbai would be incomplete without a visit to the once a well-kept secret and reserved only for the adventurous, the notorious Chor Bazaar.  Although Chor Bazaar’s literal translation is the Thieves Market; it was born on the premise of ‘Shor’ Bazaar, which meant a noisy market. It was named so, because it was used to house mechanics and their repair garages. The British for the greater convenience of their tongue, misnamed it ‘Chor’ Bazaar.

Up until recently, this 150 year old bazaar lived up to its borrowed name, by housing various smuggled goods. It was believed, that if you left your car parked at Chor Bazaar, you could be seeing parts of your precious car being sold off at various shops within the hour. For the collector there is aplenty - furniture from the Raj, rare electronics like vintage gramophones, out-of-print LPs and hand-made film posters. It’s not uncommon to find a genuine antique here. And if these guys can’t find something for you, it probably doesn’t exist.

The Jumma or the Friday market here is to behold. While most of the shops are shut on the day, the street is buzzing with activity and that’s because of the Friday Flea Market. You think of a random product and we're sure that it'll be available on the street. How many hands it would have exchanged though, is another matter altogether.

The crowds, the activity and the lip-smacking street food - all add to the market’s unique culture.



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Add - Ons:

If starting late in the evening, try the Bohri street food around the area. Most succulent Kebabs, refreshing drinks and the very tasty sweet treats, it’s definitely not a meal for the faint-hearted or the weak-stomached. - Price on request

We also do a night Ramzaan Walk during the holy month of Ramzaan - Price on request

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