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Jews have always been an umbilical part of Mumbai’s cultural make-up. In fact, in the late 1940s, the Jewish population of Bombay reached nearly 30,000. The Bombay Jews mainly comprised of two very distinct groups - the Bene Israel and the Baghdadi. The Bene Israel (Sons of Israel) trace their history in the city back to nearly 1600 years ago and their presence in India back to nearly 2,000 years, when a shipwreck stranded seven Jewish families from Judea in a region south of Mumbai.

The Baghdadi Jews, actually a composite of Jews from Iraq, Syria, Iran and other surrounding areas, settled in the city in the 1800s. They came to India both to escape religious persecution and in pursuit of the enormous mercantile opportunities that this port city offered.

Over the years, Mumbai has attracted many foreign tourists to pay homage to the prolific Jewish History this city has to offer.

The tour is an ode to the two thousand years old Jewish heritage existing in India. This tour takes you on a historic journey, where you learn about the Jewish history and visit places of Jewish interest that have dotted the map of Mumbai for centuries.

The tour includes a walk into the beautiful and architecturally stunning synagogues, clamorous Sassoon Docks, quaint Sassoon Library and the magnificent Bhau Daji Lad Museum. Our team of travel experts have a deep understanding of the Jewish culture and they’ll give you an in-depth view into the history and traditions. 


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INR 8760 plus taxes

AC SUV, Explorer's fees and interactions



INR 4400 per person plus taxes

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We can also organise a three days long Jewish Tour which includes an outstation day trip to Alibaug which is where the Jews first arrived. Here, we use the services of a Jewish historian and author whose services we can book only basis his availability - Cost on Enquiry

If you are interested in the Kosher Meal and Sabbath prayer after the tour, we recommend you to start the tour in the afternoon at 2.00 pm - Cost on Enquiry

Things to Remember:

  • The cars are based on capacity of the people
  • Hotel pick-up and Drop facility
  • The Bhaudaji Lad Museum is shut on Wednesdays, so we show the very interesting GIPR railway and the architectural museum instead on that day
  • Please do note also, that we use OUR own transport services
  • GST of 18% is charged additionally
  • We work on full advance basis 

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