The Real Dharavi - Entrepreneur's Entourage



Not a slum of despair. But a beacon of hope! 


The minds behind the greatest business ideas in the city are not necessarily only found in big corporate boardrooms, but also inside tiny 100 sq. ft. homes. The epicentre of Mumbai’s dizzying economic growth doesn’t only lie behind glass facades of skyscrapers, but also in a run-down neighbourhood of Mumbai. The people here might not be your suit-clad businessmen, but are owners of multi-million dollar companies. These are the people of Dharavi – one of the largest slums in the world.

In spite of the all the grunginess and squalor, Dharavi is the most bustling and economically proficient part of Mumbai. With thousands of small scale industries thriving in the area, Dharavi generates revenue of a staggering billion US Dollars annually.

An erstwhile marshy fishing village, Dharavi creek dried up when a dam was built in the neighbouring area. This gave way for the migration of potters from Surashtra; of tanners from Tamil Nadu and of artisans from Uttar Pradesh to practise their art and run their businesses, while setting up homes in Dharavi. We will see how the communities grew economically over the years, as we’ll witness numerous enterprises of leather goods, embroidered dresses and clay pots of various designs, among others cottage industries. Apart from the mentioned industries, we will also tour the cardboard industry, the recycle industry and the popaddam industry, to understand the indispensable contribution of Dharavi to Mumbai’s well-being.

Dharavi nurtures a thousand migrant dreams, making it possibly the only slum in the world where people come in vast numbers to make a living. Exploring this part of Mumbai gives one an insight into the industrious nature of the locals.

Your tour leaders are educated, employed, speak fluent English and are proud natives of Dharavi. We are certain that after you’ve completed the tour, you won’t call Dharavi a ‘slum’, but a land of opportunity.


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We can conduct a session at the Dharavi Art Room, A Not for Profit Initiative started to encourage extra-curricular activities amongst the kids. A maximum of 6 guests can paint with the children - Price and availability on request

We can organise a visit to the Dharavi Biennale when it begins - Price and availability on request

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