Try some Bollywood dancing and fry some Bombay duck! Get to learn what Mumbai does best, through our fun workshops!

Malwan Food Home Cooking

This unique workshop provides one a great opportunity to immerse in Indian culture and get acquainted with the the quintessential recipes from the region. You can learn about the history of spices and understand their significance in erstwhile and present day Indian cooking.    

Parsee Food Home Cooking Workshop

Over the years,the Parsi community has introduced India to some gastronomic delights by combining the richness of Persian delicacies with quintessential Indian spices. This workshop is a great opportunity for tourists to not only familiarize themselves with new recipes but also to learn about the glorious yet dwindling Parsi community. 


Often known as one of the strangest sports in the world, the ancient and traditional pole fitness technique Mallakhamb derives from the words "Malla' that means wrestler and 'Khamba' that means pole. Sign up to our sporty workshop to learn more about this unique sport through a one hour wholesome workout focussed on building strength and flexibility.

Bollywood Dance Workshop

Bollywood dance, a mixture of numerous styles, can be explained best as beautiful storytelling.  Most loved by our guests, this workshop is going to give you a glimpse into the madness that defines Mumbai! You'll shake a leg with our well-trained instructors for a duration of one hour and learn a style of dance that has over the years, become integral to our big celebrations such as weddings and festivals. It won’t be an exaggeration to call this dance form the celebratory dance of India.

Warli Art Workshop

Get creative and let's do our bit to support one of India's unique and endangered tribal forms of art. Warli art dates back to 3000 BC and uses a very basic vocabulary – a circle, triangle and a square to depict human life, and indigenous customs and traditions. Under the watchful eyes of an expert we will create our own tribal artwork.