Worli Fishing Village

Worli Fishing Village is a tour that helps you explore an eight-hundred year old picturesque village of the original inhabitants of Mumbai – the fishermen community. A walk through this village transports you to the land of stories - of people, legends, folklores and of superstitions. What's fascinating is that nothing has changed since the time of the first settlement – be it in the way the locals make their nets, catch their fish or do their business!

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The Jewish Heritage Tour

The Jewish Heritage Tour is an ode to the two thousand years old Jewish heritage existing in India. This tour takes you on a journey, where you learn about the Jewish history and visit places of Jewish interest that have dotted the map of Mumbai for centuries. Our team of travel experts have a deep understanding of the Jewish culture and they’ll give you an in-depth view into the history and traditions. 

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Minha Casa - A Walk Through Bandra

An island village neighbouring the erstwhile Mumbai Heptanesia, Bandra or Bandor as the Portuguese called it, was originally a collection of 24 villages inhabited by the Kolis or the fisherfollk community. In the 16th and 17th century, many of the said villages converted to Catholicism owing to the Portuguese rule. Minha Casa which means ‘my home’ in Portuguese is a befitting name for a tour that pays homage to this community - their way of life, history and culture. 

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Architecture In The City

Witness the beautiful architecture that dots the skyline of the city. Observe how beautifully the past coexists with the modern and how Mumbai's architecture is testimony to the fact that the city was the original multi ethinic and multi linguistic capital of the world.

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Visit to the Elephanta Caves

This tour helps you explore the Elephanta Island, a 7th century cave temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and his followers. The rock statues are ingrained with mythological stories on Shiva. The main highlight of the tour is the remarkable Mahesmurti, an 18 feet tall sculpture that depicts Shiva in his three headed aspect.    

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Of Bold Spices & Thieves market

Visit the crazy and colourful bazaars of Mumbai and witness the crowds, the culture and satiate your senses with aromas of the spices, lip smacking street food and beautiful antiques.

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The Colonial Walk

If you are a first time traveller to the city and want to explore the tourist precinct of Mumbai on foot, then this tour is specially designed for you.  The tour covers the various tourist landmarks of the city such as The Gateway of India, Royal Mumbai Yacht Club, the NGMA , VT railway station and the Kala Ghoda area.

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For God's Sake

  Mumbai is home to eight world religions - Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Judaism, Jainism and Christianity. The tour For God’s Sake takes you on this religious sojourn, where you meet the different religions of Mumbai and observe and understand culture and tradition as they carry them out in a way quintessential to their religion. This tour hopes to give you a deep insight into lives and beliefs of Mumbai and its people.

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The Five Senses

The Five Senses, as the name suggests takes the guests on a journey where they engage in five different experiences that offer a true taste (smell, touch, sound and vision) of Mumbai. This tour was created to offer what we thought was the best of Mumbai city that a tourist who is in a hurry can do in one day! 

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Often known as one of the strangest sports in the world, the ancient and traditional pole fitness technique Mallakhamb derives from the words "Malla' that means wrestler and 'Khamba' that means pole. Sign up to our sporty workshop to learn more about this unique sport through a one hour wholesome workout focussed on building strength and flexibility.

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Utsav - A Cultural Extravaganza!

Utsav is a forty five minutes long cultural extravaganza that showcases the vibrant and colourful festivals of Mumbai and India.  Set to themed costumes and music, Utsav features a live dance performance by a troupe of 25 experienced and talented entertainers.       

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Warli Art Workshop

Get creative and let's do our bit to support one of India's unique and endangered tribal forms of art. Warli art dates back to 3000 BC and uses a very basic vocabulary – a circle, triangle and a square to depict human life, and indigenous customs and traditions. Under the watchful eyes of an expert we will create our own tribal artwork.