Mumbai By Dawn

Mumbai by Dawn is a tour that pays homage to the people of Mumbai and venerates all those who go about their business obstinately with one purpose – a better life. Seeing this lively city wake up, gives you deep cultural insights into the real Mumbai that goes beyond the glossy glass facades and urban boardrooms. You experience the underbelly of this magnificent city, and understand what makes it tick.

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For The Love Of Art

The walk attempts to give you a first-hand understanding of modern Indian art and its evolution and pays an ode to contemporary Indian artists while bringing to the fore their cultural, spiritual, social and creative inspirations.

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Minha Casa - A Walk Through Bandra

An island village neighbouring the erstwhile Mumbai Heptanesia, Bandra or Bandor as the Portuguese called it, was originally a collection of 24 villages inhabited by the Kolis or the fisherfollk community. In the 16th and 17th century, many of the said villages converted to Catholicism owing to the Portuguese rule. Minha Casa which means ‘my home’ in Portuguese is a befitting name for a tour that pays homage to this community - their way of life, history and culture. 

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Warli Art Workshop

Get creative and let's do our bit to support one of India's unique and endangered tribal forms of art. Warli art dates back to 3000 BC and uses a very basic vocabulary – a circle, triangle and a square to depict human life, and indigenous customs and traditions. Under the watchful eyes of an expert we will create our own tribal artwork.